About Us


At Bamboo Pharmacy, we believe in the power of nature. With our roots firmly planted in traditional formulas rich in historical use, our supplements are sourced from high grade herbs and botanicals to provide you with quality, effective products.


Our mission is to provide herbal alternatives that support everyday health and well-being.


In the herb shop, 1977.
In our solar powered Oakland facility, 2014.


You could say that herbs are in our blood. Bamboo Pharmacy is the more accessible line of Mayway Herbs, and the companion brand of Plum Flower, the first choice of health practitioners. Founded in 1969 by our parents, Mayway Herbs began as a small herb shop in San Francisco’s Chinatown. We grew up working in our parents’ shop learning all about herbs and herb formulas to support health and wellness. As our business grew, we evolved to serve herbalists and acupuncturists around the world with more than 500 products. We expanded into a historic Coca Cola bottling plant in Oakland, CA where we still run the business today.

Our goal to bring traditional herbal solutions to mainstream America for everyday health concerns became a mission. We selected a short list of products perfect for your medicine cabinet and the Bamboo Pharmacy line was born.


We insist on quality herbs in our Bamboo Pharmacy products and will only offer products good enough for our own friends and family. Every batch of our preservative-free herbal products are run through a minimum of 15 tests to check for microbials, heavy metals, and pesticide residues. That’s some scary sounding stuff, but our rigorous parameters ensure that all of our products meet our standards of excellence from start to finish.


We believe the earth is an inheritance to be passed down to our children. We are committed to preserving the environment and investing in the health and sustainability of our communities. Our commitment and responsibility is to support our growers in the conservation of endangered herbs, encourage the reduction of the use of pesticides and preservatives, and promote sustainable, ecological production of herbs. Mayway is a certified green business and by doing our part to help protect our local environment, we are promising our future generations a healthy planet and a healthy community